Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Anybody can make mistakes while adding a passenger’s name during a reservation. To help its travelers, the low-cost air carrier has launched Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy. Under this policy, you can freely change minor misspellings by calling customer service or talking to someone through live chat. Spirit Airline has made different categories of mistakes to assist the passengers under its Name Change & Correction Policy. For some of these modifications, you may have to attach supporting documents. Let’s explore all the details regarding the flight change policies at Spirit.

Can You Change Names on Spirit Airline Tickets?

Yes, indeed. To change name on your Spirit Airlines reservations, determine the modifications you wish to make. One can easily rectify these mistakes through customer service or live chat options on the official website. Besides, you can also change other passenger information. For example, you can modify the date of birth, gender of any passenger, redress number, contact details, and passport data. You may be charged a similar cost for a name change.

How to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Ticket?

You can talk to someone at spirit airlines customer service or use the live chat option from the official website to modify the name or passenger’s details on your ticket.

Call Customer Service

  • Initially, dial the Spirit sales and service number 855-728-3555.
  • Next, let the IVR automated response start.
  • Press the key to change your personal information/ name on the ticket.
  • If automated responses don’t resolve doubts, go back to the previous menu.
  • Further, press the key to contact a live customer service executive.
  • Once your call connects, provide the booking ID and other details.

The live professionals at Spirit Customer service will change your name on the ticket if you are eligible. You might also have to send relevant documents or pay a fee if the need arises.

Use Official Live Chat

  • The live chat option is convenient when you want to use the Spirit Airline Name Change policy while you are away. 
  • Firstly, check out the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Next, hover your mouse on the right side of the homepage.
  • Further, click the contact us button.
  • Here, you will find multiple ways to get assistance from Spirit.
  • Choose the live chat option and work with automated responses.
  • Soon a live executive will join the chat where you can provide your booking details.

Lastly, you can place the Spirit Airlines Name Change request and get a ticket with the new name once the professionals have resolved your query. 

Type of Changes Under Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Spirit airline’s change person’s name on ticket facility offers three types of name changes for any reservation:

  • Misspellings: This category of mistakes requires minor corrections, such as pery→ perry, Feline →. Filene, Courtney→ Cortney, John→ Johny, etc. Contact Spirit Airlines customer service/ live chat and make changes for free.
  • Legal Name Change: If your name has changed legally, it must be backed by legal documents. 
  • Passenger’s details: Change date of birth on spirit airlines ticket or any such passenger’s info in a reservation. Other examples include contact details, address, passport, gender, etc.

Apart from misspellings, all other modifications to the ticket may attract a charge on a case-to-case basis.

What are the Documents Required to Change Name on Spirit Ticket?

To modify a legal name change on your ticket at Spirit Airlines, you would need the following documents to support your claim:

  • A court order stating the name change clearly.
  • Marriage certificate indicating the change of name/ surname.
  • Divorce certificate supporting name modification.
  • Any other legal document is supporting the change of name.

Talk to someone at Spirit Airlines to change your name in such a situation. You might also have to send these documents to their postal address.

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