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Terms & Conditions were developed to inform users of our website’s policies and to safeguard them from any intrusion by third parties. Farespirit.com advises users to read these Terms of Use carefully as they have vital information about liability restrictions and choosing arbitration over litigation for dispute resolution. Users are also urged to read our Privacy Policy, which regulates how you use the website. All of our users are advised not to use our website or our contact center operators if they are unwilling to accept the Terms & Conditions of Use.

Using FareSpirit.com

If an individual or a group satisfies the following eligibility requirements, they are as follows:

  • At least 18 years of age is required;
  • You will abide by these Terms & Conditions when using this website;
  • You agree to only use this website for bookings for yourself or another person on whose behalf you have legal authority;
  • Each and every piece of information you provide on this website needs to be truthful, accurate, current, and comprehensive;
  • You are solely responsible for keeping your account information secure and for any use by you or anyone else.

Data Accuracy

This website does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information supplied on this page. Under no circumstances will this website be held responsible for any loss or incidental, special, or consequential damages resulting from using this information. This website’s information may be updated or amended without prior notice. The establishment is also free to alter or improve its goods and services without prior notice.

Confidential Information

Aside from any disclosures required by law, information linked to this site and its travel associates, clients, workers, suppliers, agencies, or other individuals on whom data is gathered, kept, and processed is the property of this site and is secret and secure.

Changes To FareSpirit Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change these Terms at any moment at our sole discretion. The amended Terms will be published on this website with an immediate effective date. If these Terms have changed, please check back frequently, especially before using this website. You accept the changes if you use the website after the Terms have undergone a change.


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The information on this website is exclusively provided for educational purposes. FareSpirit has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of this information but offers no warranties and disclaims all liability for any possible errors or omissions. 

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Users of this website may access content from sponsor information or advertisements, including graphics, photos, sound, and video. All of this content covers by copyright laws, trademark laws, and other legal protections. The user is not permitted to copy or send this work without authorization.

Accessibility and Membership with FareSpirit

https://farespirit.com/ provide you with an inclusive and revocable license which means you can access the website with free spirits. However, you need to find these terms and conditions first and agree with them no matter what.

  • You can not copy, distribute, imitate, or personify the website without prior written consent from authorities. Simply, you can not use it for any other uses.
  • You can not make any changes to any part of the website except for using the farespirit for said purposes.

Payments Information

All web payments or charges paid for a product, service, or flight reservation using the website are totally safe; you will not need to store any credit card detail for a customer in our site’s database. So, you can safely make payments through our secure payments getaway.

If you meet the above conditions, we will check the price of a particular option for you. So, before you proceed with your services or usage of the farespirit.com website. You need to agree to and accept all these conditions, even those that will be set later.


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