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Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Selecting a seat is important while making a flight reservation on Spirit. Yet, every traveler desires and has some requirements regarding their seats. So, Spirit Airlines seat selection policy has been introduced to enable travelers to select their seats to make their journey comfortable. Besides, If you don’t have Spirit airlines seat reservations at the time of the booking process, Spirit will assign one for you at check-in. Further, from the section below, you need to understand some important things regarding policy.

What Is Spirit Airline Seat Selection Policy?

Here are some terms & conditions of the seat selection policy of Spirit. Read them carefully to select your desired seat hassle-free.

  • The airlines allocate seats to the passengers while check-in for free as per the rules of Spirit Airlines seat selection.
  • However, the airline does not guarantee that the passenger will get the seats together with family or friends when they acquire random seats.
  • Fortunately, the seat selection policy allows travelers to select seats for a few extra charges.
  • In addition, passengers can pick their preferred seat on the aircraft from the official website or by connecting the airline’s customer service.
  • If you are accessing your reservation above 24 hours prior to departure, you can click the Add Seat link and complete the form.

Types Of Seats On Spirit Airlines

With Spirit Airlines seat selection, travelers will have various options to select a seat. Besides, every seating option has its specialty and may differ depending upon the charges as the charges differ as per the seat. So, you can pick a seat as per your suitability and budget.

Big Front

These seats are placed in the front position of the plane. In addition, it offers extra legroom space and a wider seat option than Standard seats. Also, passengers with Big Front seats will get a small table, which is perfect for travelling if you want a comfortable flying experience.


It is also considered the Standard seat option on Spirit. Besides, this category of seats is narrower as compared to the Big Front. But it also provides you with enough legroom to feel comfortable during your journey. On the other hand, these seats can be booked at the time of flight booking or buy a seat assignment to make a Spirit Airlines free seat selection.


The premium seats are located behind the Big Front seats and provide extra legroom space than Standard seats. With this seating option, you will get a small table, and it is a perfect seat for those passengers who wish to obtain extra space but do not want to pay the additional charges.

Exit Row Seats

Passengers with Exit Row Seats get additional legroom space than the Standard seats. Additionally, it comes with extra responsibilities like being able to operate the emergency exit when an emergency exists.

How To Select Your Seat On Spirit Airlines?

Passengers can select their desired seats at the time of booking, after booking, and during check-in under Spirit Airline seat selection policy.

During Booking

  • First, go to the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Then, start the booking process by entering the required details in the given field.
  • Now, you will have a list of scheduled flights to your desired destination.
  • Select a flight option that suits your requirements and budget.
  • On the other page, you will need to provide some details again.
  • After that, you will see an option to “Choose Seats” to select your preferred seat option.
  • Next, you need to pay the charges for your seat selection. The fee may differ as per your chosen seat and the travel distance.
  • Once you choose your seat, pay the applicable Spirit Airlines seat selection charge and click on “Continue.”
  • At last, review your booking and click on “Submit” to confirm your booking.

After Booking

  • Open the Spirits’ official website.
  • Log in to your account using your credentials.
  • Choose the “My Trip” option and provide your required flight details.
  • After that, select your booking, and click on the “Seat Selection” option.
  • Then, you can choose a seat as per your requirements from the available seating options.
  • Next, review your seat assignment and pay the applicable charges if required.
  • Lastly, complete the checkout procedure and pay the fee when needed.

While Check-in

  • Visit the official web page of the airline.
  • Move to the “Check-in” tab at the top section.
  • Then, access your flight details by entering your login credentials.
  • After that, follow the on-screen prompts to book your desired seat on the plane. Passengers with special
  • needs, such as extra legroom or seats, have to pay additional charges to the airline.
  • Once you choose your seat, you must check your given details and your seat selection to confirm your check-in.

Tips For Choosing The Best Seat On Spirit Airlines

Here are some tips that help to get the best seats in the aircraft. Similarly, passengers who have special requirements may have to pay a Spirit Airlines seat selection fee.

Book Seats While Booking

Travelers try to select their preferred seat while booking their flight tickets as the chances are high to get the best during booking. The reason behind it is that more seating options are available while making reservations so you can get the best one.

Connect To The Spirit

You can also connect to the customer service department of the airline to get knowledge of the best seat, and then you are able to choose the best seats as per your requirements.

Review The Seating Options

Before selecting a seat, passengers need to review the seating options and the facilities offered by each seat. Then, they are able to choose the best seat on the plane.

How Much Does It Cost To Choose Your Seat On Spirit?

The Spirit seat selection process is not free of cost as the passengers need to pay a Spirit Airlines seat selection charge to the airline. Moreover, you can buy a seat selection service and pick a seat you really want. Seat selection starts at just $5 and may differ depending on specific routes and locations. However, if your requirements are high, then you may pay more than this. Besides, you can know the latest fee criteria from the official website of the airline.

Does Spirit Airlines Have Assigned Seating?

Yes, when the travelers do not select their seats, then Spirit will randomly assign you a seat at check-in for free. However, it may guarantee that the airline allocates your a window, aisle, or extra legroom seat.

Bottom Line!

Using the above methods, you can select your preferred seat on the plane. So you can select your seat when you want. If you still wish to know about Spirit Airlines seat selection policy, you can directly connect to the customer service team of the airline by calling the number on this website 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions Related Spirit Airlines Seat Selection:

How do I choose a seat on Spirit Airlines?

To choose a seat on Spirit Airlines, passengers can go to the “My Trip” section and follow the on-screen instructions to get their flight reservation.

Do I have to select a seat on Spirit Airlines?

If you are eager with your seat, then you have to select a seat. Otherwise, Spirit Airlines will allocate your seat at the time of check-in for free. However, the airline does not assure you it will give you the desired seat.

How much does it cost to pick a seat on Spirit Airlines?

When travelers pick their desired seat, they have to pay just $5 per seat, and the charges may differ according to the seat type and the travel distance.

How does bidding on Spirit seats work?

Travelers can submit a bid through the website and be informed of its acceptance between 48 and two hours before departure.

Does Spirit let you bid on seats?

Once you book a ticket on an eligible flight on Spirit, you can bid on an exit row seat or an empty Big Front seat for a comfortable flight.

Why does my spirit ticket say to see an agent for a seat?

When your flight is oversold, the airline tells you to connect the agent to purchase a seat assignment on Spirit Airlines.

How do I add seats to my reservation?

To add seats to your flight reservation, you must go to the “My trips/check-in” option on the homepage and provide your name and record. After that, you can choose seats.

How to buy a Spirit Airlines seat assignment?

Passengers can buy a seat assignment and book their desired seat. Moreover, the seat selection cost starts from $5 on Spirit Airlines.

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