Can I upgrade my class on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, If you’re flying with Spirit Airlines and wondering if you can upgrade your class for a more comfortable experience. Spirit Airlines offers options to upgrade your seat and enjoy additional comforts, even after you’ve booked your flight.

How to upgrade my seat on Spirit airlines

Whether you’re looking for some extra legroom or want to enjoy premium amenities, upgrading your Spirit Airlines ticket can make your flight much more comfortable. Spirit offers several paid upgrade options that allow you to level up your travel experience before or after booking.

Upgrade via online medium

The easiest way to upgrade is typically doing it online through Spirit’s website or mobile app. You can upgrade your ticket anytime after booking up until 24 hours prior to scheduled departure.

To upgrade online:

  • Visit and click on “My Trips”
  • Enter your confirmation code and last name
  • Select your upcoming flight
  • Choose the “Service Upgrades” option
  • Pick your preferred upgrade and complete payment

You can purchase an upgrade anytime after booking up until 24 hours prior to scheduled departure. Online upgrades are priced most economically compared to other channels.

Upgrade via offline medium

  • Simply dial the Spirit Airlines phone number 844-989-7283 (Official) or 1-860-374-7569 (OTA)  and connect with a representative.
  • Once you’re speaking to a representative, ask about available seat upgrades for your flight.
  • Now,  Provide your confirmation code/record locator and last name
  • Let the agent know you want to upgrade your seat for your upcoming flight
  • Tell them your desired upgrade (Big Front Seat, Shortcut Boarding, etc.)
  • Confirm the upgrade cost and pay with a credit/debit card
  • The agent will process the upgrade and you’re all set

Upgrade at the airport

  • Head to the Spirit Airlines ticket counter when you arrive at the airport
  • Have your confirmation code/record locator and ID ready
  • Request a seat upgrade from the agent
  • Ask what upgrades are available for your flight
  • Select your preferred upgrade option
  • Pay for the upgrade with a credit/debit card or Travel Bank credit
  • The agent will reissue your boarding pass with the new upgraded seat

However, be prepared for airport upgrades to come with premium “last-minute” fees that are higher than the online upgrade costs. The airport is the most expensive channel for purchasing an upgrade.

Can I pay for an upgrade on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can pay for an upgrade on Spirit Airlines. Payments can be made online, over the phone, or at the airport using credit cards, debit cards, or Spirit Airlines credits. It’s a flexible process designed to accommodate the needs of various travelers.

How much does it extra cost to upgrade a ticket on Spirit airline?

The cost to upgrade your Spirit Airlines ticket varies based on a few key factors:

  • Upgrade type (e.g. Big Front Seat, shortcut boarding, etc.)
  • Route and demand for that flight
  • How far in advance you purchase the upgrade

Big Front Seat

Spirit’s signature upgrade is their Big Front Seat, located in an expanded front cabin area. Big Front Seats provide a generous 36″ seat pitch (compared to just 28″ in standard economy), along with additional pandemic-era precautions like HEPA air filtration systems. Upgrading to a Big Front Seat typically starts around $25 each way but can soar over $200 for popular routes and peak times.

Shortcut Boarding

Want to skip the longlines and be one of the first to board? Spirit’s Shortcut Boarding upgrade ($7-$15 each way) grants you Zone 2 boarding privileges after Big Front Seat customers.

Shortcut Security

Similarly, the Shortcut Security upgrade ($5-9 each way) allows you to bypass the standard TSA checkpoint line in favor of a expedited screening lane at select airports.

what are upgrade rules on spirit airlines?

Spirit Airlines has specific rules for upgrading seats, which are straightforward but depend on availability and the type of fare initially purchased. Here are the key points regarding upgrade rules:

  • Upgrades are subject to remaining availability in the premium cabin/service inventory
  • You cannot upgrade tickets booked using vouchers, free travel codes, or frequent flyer miles/points
  • Online upgrades must be purchased at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time
  • For airport upgrades, you can upgrade at the ticket counter or gate up until boarding begins
  • Basic Economy fares are eligible for Big Front Seat upgrades only, not other upgrades like Shortcut Boarding
  • Upgrade pricing and availability can vary based on the route, date, and demand
  • Free Spirit loyalty members can redeem miles/points to cover all or part of most upgrade costs

Can you upgrade your ticket after purchase on spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit allows customers to upgrade their ticket anytime after their initial purchase, all the way up until 24 hours prior to the flight for online upgrades or at the last minute at the airport.

Can I use Spirit free points to upgrade?

Yes, Free Spirit loyalty program members can also redeem points/miles to cover part or all of most upgrade costs. The number of points required scales dynamically based on the current cash cost of that upgrade.

To check point costs, log into your Free Spirit account, pull up your reservation, and choose the “Pay with Points” option. You can pay partially with points/cash too.

Final Words

In summary, Spirit Airlines provides solid upgrade options like their popular Big Front Seats with extra legroom, as well as timesaving perks like priority boarding and security line access. You’ll get the best deals by upgrading online well in advance of your flight. Basic Economy tickets can be upgraded too, just with slightly more limitations.

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