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Have you ever flown with Spirit Airlines? If true, you are already familiar with the services offered by Spirit Airlines. It is a budget-friendly airline that lets you choose the services you actually wish to pay for, such as Spirit Airlines reservations seat selection, checked bags, etc.

What’s the point of a budget airline if you end up paying twice the price of a regular carrier? Booking a flight on Spirit would not let you down while traveling on the flight.

About Spirit Airlines:

Spirit Airlines is one of the budget-friendly American airlines that operate from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Currently, it serves not only from the Florida hub but also in Central America, Colombia, and the Caribbean. Undoubtedly, passengers can have the best traveling experience during Spirit flights as it offers excellent in-flight amenities.

If you are looking forward to booking a flight on Spirit, it would be better to check out the following post to get a better insight into Spirit Airlines reservations.

In-Flight Services offered by Spirit Airlines

You can purchase various drinks and food using a credit or debit card on Spirit Airlines. The airline doesn’t accept cash payments onboard. As of now, you cannot get a complimentary snack or beverage service on Spirit. Because it is a budget airline that considers the welfare of each passenger.

Here is the complete menu that Spirit offers to its passengers onboard.

  • Variety of snacks
  • Combo deals and beverages
  • Inflight meals

Having further queries associated with the Spirit inflight amenities, talk to a live person to get immediate answers via dialing the Spirit Airlines reservations number.

Spirit Airlines Reservations and Booking Process

Spirit Airlines flight reservation booking is applicable in the services of the people of Latin America, the US, Mexico, South American countries, and the Caribbeans. If you are sure about traveling with Spirit Airlines, it is important to learn about the booking procedure. You should follow the instructions below to book a flight with Spirit Airlines hassle-free.Spirit Airlines Reservations

How to book Spirit Airlines Flights?

Passengers usually opt for the online method to book Spirit flights. Here, you will get the online steps to book a flight on Spirit Airlines.

  • The initial step is to open any browser and visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • After that, choose the flight you wish to fly.
  • Choose your airport for both arrival and departure under the tabs.
  • Next, select the travel dates to fly with Spirit Airlines.
  • Enter the number of passengers and children flying on Spirit. Here, you can also use the promotional code to get the maximum discounts on Spirit Airlines bookings.
  • After entering the required details, you will get a list of the available flights.
  • Choose your desired flight and then tap on the Continue option.
  • Next, enter the passenger’s name and contact details and press continue.
  • Finally, go to the payment page and choose a mode of payment to pay the booking fee.

Have you experienced any issues while performing the steps mentioned above, it would be better to call a live representative at the airline to get immediate assistance.

You may also call Spirit Airlines reservations phone number 855-728-3555 to reserve a flight and avail of a 40% discount on booking.

Spirit Airlines Check-in & Process

Have you recently booked a flight on Spirit Airlines, and now wondered about the check-in? If so, get through the following information to get all the possible ways to check in for your Spirit Airlines flight.

  • Online or Web Check-in
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Check-in at the ticket counter

You must remember that Spirit Airlines doesn’t allow you to check via mobile application. However, you may have web check-in from 24 hours to 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. For web check-in, you must qualify the following conditions.

  • You must have access to your booking with the e-ticket number, confirmation code, or frequent flier account.
  • The first flight must be on Spirit Airlines and you have the electronic ticket.
  • Ensure you don’t come under special assistance, such as unaccompanied minors, traveling with pets, etc.

How to Check-in Online with Spirit Airlines?

If you are looking for the steps to check in online, the following information might be fruitful to initiate the process. You need to go through the listed steps one by one to check in online hassle-free.

  • The first step is to visit and choose the Check-in tab from the homepage.
  • After that, enter the booking confirmation code and the passenger’s last name.
  • Now, tap on the Check-In tab and choose your preferred seat.
  • Click on it to save the recent changes.
  • Enter your checked baggage and pay the fees to complete the procedure.
  • Finally, click on the Print option to get the boarding pass.

If you are getting any issues while applying the steps mentioned above, contact one of the live people by dialing the Spirit Airlines Phone Number.

How to Check in with the Kiosk?

You may go through the following steps to check in with Kiosk on Spirit Airlines.

  • Firstly, visit the Spirit check-in kiosk or in person at the ticket counter.
  • Afterward, enter the necessary details to get your booking details.
  • Next, tell them about your seat preferences and health status.
  • Now, you will get the boarding pass.
  • Once you check in, put your luggage at the counter and pay the fees for checked baggage.
  • Lastly, get your boarding pass to check in at the main security gate.

If you have any further doubts regarding Spirit Airlines’ check-in policy and procedure, it is suggested to contact a live person at the airline. One of the Spirit representatives will help you check your Spirit flight.

Spirit Baggage Policy

It would be better to get acquainted with the Spirit Airlines baggage policy to travel hassle-free with the airline. Spirit charges for checked and carry-on bags to keep the ticket prices low for each passenger. However, you have to pay extra charges for checked bags over 40 lbs.

Each passenger will be permitted to carry one personal bag with their reservation. Further, we have mentioned the complete baggage policy for Spirit Airlines. Kindly look at the following table to get the exact dimensions of your luggage.

  Bags   Dimensions (in cm) 
  Personal Item 45 x 35 x 20, including wheels and handles
Carry-on 56 x 46 x 25, including wheels and handles
Checked Maximum of 62 linear inches including wheels and handles, and weight must be a maximum of 40 pounds.

If any bag exceeds the above dimensions, it will be considered oversized, and passengers must pay charges to carry it. As per Spirit’s baggage policy, the airline doesn’t accept bags of weight more than 45 kg.

If you have additional baggage-related queries, visit Spirit’s official website to talk to someone by dialing the Spirit Airlines flight booking number.

Spirit Airlines Multi-City Flights 

Spirit Airlines allows you to make multi-city flight reservations online and offline. The Spirit Airlines Multi-City Flight Booking permits travelers to book a flight to more than one destination at once. If you are also planning to visit different destinations on a single ticket, booking a multi-city flight on Spirit would be the best option.

It would help if you looked into the following information to see how to make a Spirit Airlines multi-city flight booking.

  • First, go to the official website of Spirit Airlines from any browser.
  • After that, you will get multiple services such as managing your trips, checking in, and finding your reservations.
  • Here, you need to tap on the book tab and select the multi-city option.
  • Next, a list of multiple destinations and departures will be displayed on the screen, including the number of passengers and travel dates.
  • You need to enter all the required information, such as origin and destination city, number of passengers, and travel dates.
  • Now, choose the Cabin class and tap on the Search flight option.
  • Here, you will get various flights available on Spirit Airlines. You may choose a flight as per your requirements.
  • Now, enter the last and first name of the passenger along with the contact details.
  • Follow the ongoing instructions and choose your desired seats.
  • Finally, it will lead you to the payment page to make the payment for booking a multi-city flight on Spirit.
  • You will get your e-ticket on the registered email ID.

Have you experienced any issues while making a reservation on Spirit? If so, you should talk to someone at the airline via dialing the Spirit reservations phone number or read more about How Do I Book Multi-city Flights on Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Group Travel Booking 

Have you ever thought of visiting your dream destination with friends or family? If that’s true, you might feel glad to know that Spirit Airlines allows you to book group travel tickets. You can make a reservation for more than ten people on a single ticket.

You can explore your preferred location at an affordable price with your loved ones. Also, Spirit Airlines offers you the best deals and offers on group booking. After knowing about this great feature, you might wish to know the process of booking group travel tickets on Spirit.

You don’t need to fret; further information will help you make a group reservation on Spirit Airlines.

How to Book Spirit Airlines Group Travel Tickets? 

One should visit the official website of Spirit Airlines to grab the best deals and offers on Spirit group travel tickets. You can purchase the group travel tickets online and offline with Spirit. Listed below are all the possible ways to book Spirit Airlines group travel tickets.

Book group travel flights online

  • Initially, visit the official website of Spirit Airlines to initiate the booking process.
  • After that, log into your account and go to the Advance setting.
  • Click on the Group Booking option and look for suitable flights to your dream destination.
  • Choose your desired flight within a budget and enter the required information of the passengers.
  • Next, ensure that there must be more than ten passengers traveling in a group with Spirit Airlines.
  • Enter all the necessary details to proceed with selecting seats for your group members.
  • Select your preferred seats for your group and add additional facilities if you want.
  • And then, you will be redirected to the payment page to pay the Spirit group booking fees.
  • Finally, wait to receive the confirmation mail from Spirit Airlines.

Book group travel flights offline 

If you are experiencing trouble while applying the steps mentioned above, you can opt for the offline method. For this, you first need to look for Spirit Airlines official phone number to talk to a representative. Next, follow the steps written below to book a group travel flight on Spirit.

  • The first step is to dial Spirit Airlines Group Travel Number 855-728-3555 to start the booking.
  • After that, click the right key to talk to a live representative.
  • Go through the IVR commands to speak to an executive.
  • Provide all the passenger’s details to start the group travel booking process.
  • Choose your desired seat and pay the fees to confirm the booking.
  • At last, you will receive mail from Spirit Airlines.

In case you are still looking for assistance with Spirit Airlines group travel booking, it would be better to connect with a live person by dialing the Spirit Airlines number. One of their representatives will pick up your call and suggest the best ways to book group travel flights.

Spirit Airlines Change Flight Policy 

As per the revised Spirit change flight policy, you are allowed to make changes to your reservation up to 60 min before departure. However, the airline will charge a fee to make changes to the recent booking. But you can avoid the change in flight fees by considering the following things in mind.

  • You don’t need to pay the change flight fees if you are making the changes within 24 hours of booking.
  • Spirit Airlines doesn’t apply the fees when making changes at least 60 days before the flight’s departure.
  • If you have a flight flex option, you can make changes to your reservation without paying the fees.

If you don’t comply with the conditions above while making changes to the ticket, Spirit Airlines charges USD 49 – 99 as the change flight fee.

Spirit Airlines Same-Day Change Policy 

Gladly, Spirit Airlines permits passengers to change their flight on the same day of departure. However, you have to pay $99 to change a flight on the same day. Or, you may choose the standby option with Spirit Airlines at no additional cost.

To get further information on Spirit changes flight policy, you should call one of the representatives by visiting Spirit’s official website.

How to Change the Spirit Airlines flight booking? 

If you are searching for the exact ways to make changes to your reservation, go through the steps mentioned below. Here, we have provided you with the complete process to change the flight booking.

  • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines and go to the My Trips option.
  • Afterward, enter the last name of the passenger and the flight reservation code.
  • Click on the Continue option and go to the Reservation summary page.
  • Here, you need to follow the steps written below.
  • Choose your flight.
  • Make changes as per your requirements.
  • At last, pay the change flight fees on Spirit, if any.

You can also make the changes to your flight booking by dialing Spirit Airlines Reservations Number 855-728-3555 or visiting its official website.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy 

If you have booked a flight on Spirit and misspelled your name during booking, there is nothing to take stress about. Spirit Airlines allows you to make corrections to your name as per its name change policy. However, you can only make corrections up to a few characters to the name on the flight tickets.

If you want to change the passenger’s full name, it is a must to cancel the entire reservation. And then, you can book a new flight on Spirit Airlines with the correct name.

Well, you don’t need to pay the name change fees for correcting a few characters on the Spirit flight tickets. However, if you are making corrections due to legal reasons such as marriage or divorce, paying Spirit Airlines name change fee is mandatory.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations could be frustrating, especially when it is urgent to reach them on time at the destination. However, Spirit Airlines permits its passengers to cancel their flights in various ways hassle-free. Before canceling your Spirit flights, it is mandatory to check out its cancellation policy.

Further, we are going to discuss the complete Spirit Airlines cancellation policy. You should look into the information provided below.

  • Spirit Airlines doesn’t charge cancellation fees if you cancel flights due to unavoidable conditions.
  • If you cancel the flight within 24 hours or a week before departure, no cancellation fees will be applied as per Spirit Airlines cancellation policy.
  • You have to pay the cancellation fees for canceling the flights at the last minute on Spirit Airlines.
  • To avoid the cancellation fees on non-refundable tickets, try to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking. Else, you must pay the fees for canceling non-refundable tickets after crossing the time limit.

Spirit Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy 

Spirit Airlines allows you to get a full refund on refundable tickets on canceling the flight within the same day of booking. You can also cancel the non-refundable tickets and claim refunds within 24 hours of booking. As per Spirit Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, no cancellation fees will apply if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking.

To get additional information on Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, speak to a live Spirit customer representative by dialing the Spirit Airlines number 24/7.

How Do I Cancel Spirit Flight Tickets? 

There is nothing to stress about if you have made your reservation with Spirit Airlines. Spirit understands the situations that lead to flight cancellations. That is why it allows passengers to cancel flights online and offline.

Here are the appropriate steps to cancel the flight on Spirit Airlines.

  • To initiate, open any browser and head to the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Go to the My Trips tab and enter the flight reservation code and the passenger’s last name.
  • After entering the required info, choose the Continue option.
  • Now, you will get your booking details where you will see the Cancel flight option.
  • Finally, follow the ongoing instructions to complete the procedure.

If you want the assistance of an executive to cancel your flight, speak to a live person via dialing the Spirit Airlines phone number at any time.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy 

Spirit Airlines gives you a full refund with no cancellation fees if you cancel the flight within 24 hours or seven days of the departure. If you have canceled a flight with Spirit Airlines, you might search for its refund policy. Stay connected with us to learn the complete refund policy of Spirit Airlines.

  • You may claim the full refund on canceling the Spirit flights within 24 hours of booking.
  • Spirit Airlines usually takes 2-4 business days to transfer refunds once the refund request has been made.
  • The airline will not be responsible for transferring refunds if you have purchased the ticket from third-party resources. In such a case, you should contact the travel agent and ask for a refund on canceled fights.
  • You can save USD 10 by canceling Spirit flight tickets online.
  • As per the Spirit Airlines refund policy, passengers don’t need to pay the cancellation fees when the flight has been canceled by the airline.
  • Spirit doesn’t charge cancellation fees when you cancel the flight due to death or serious issues.

After getting familiar with the Spirit refund policy, you may wonder about the steps to request a refund from the airline. Below, we have mentioned the complete process for requesting a refund from Spirit Airlines.

How to Request a Refund from Spirit Airlines? 

Spirit permits you to get refunds for reservations made seven days or more before departure on the condition that the request has been made within 24 hours of your booking. You are required to follow a few simple steps to get a full refund from Spirit Airlines.

Well, you can make a refund request online and offline with Spirit Airlines. Let’s look at the given instructions to initiate the process carefully.

  • The initial step is to visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Afterward, go to the homepage tab and click on the Change/Cancel option.
  • Next, enter all the necessary information regarding your booking to retrieve the reservation.
  • Click the Cancel Flight option and then confirm it.
  • Now, you can start the refund request process.
  • After requesting the refund, wait for 5-7 business days to claim refunds from Spirit Airlines.

Hopefully, you have the required information regarding Spirit Airlines refund policy and procedure. If you are facing issues when requesting a refund, it is suggested to talk to a live person via dialing the Spirit Airlines Number 24/7.

Spirit Airlines Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Spirit Airlines directly?

You can contact Spirit Airlines reservations by dialing 1 (855) 728-3555 or sending a WhatsApp text to the same number. However, if you wish to keep your return flight without canceling the whole trip, dial 844-989-7283 to raise such a request directly from the executives online.

How can I check my reservation with Spirit?

Initially, go to the official website of Spirit Airlines via a safe browser and device. After that, check the manage booking option or use the Spirit Airlines reservation phone number. Further, add your booking details and click search to verify the data online.

Can I call Spirit Airlines to book a flight?

You can SMS on 48763 or DM on Spirit Airlines Whatsapp at 855-728-3555. You can also call a customer executive at 855-728-3555 and book a new flight. Lastly, you can visit your nearby local airport to book a ticket at the counter.

Are you guaranteed a seat on Spirit?

Even if you don’t go for booking for Spirit Airlines seat selection, you will be guaranteed to get a seat on Spirit. If you wish to sit with your companion or family members, buy a seat assignment that starts at just $5 and varies according to route and aircraft type.

How far in advance can I book a flight on Spirit Airlines?

You can book a spirit airlines flight as early as 330 days before scheduled departure. It means that you can pay for the booking at least 47 weeks or 10-11 months before the flight is set to take off. Buy tickets during off-peak days to further get cheaper rates.

What size bag can you carry-on Spirit Airlines for free?

22 x 18 x 10 inches

You can bring a maximum size of (56 * 46* 25) cm carry-on. The length and breadth include the wheels and handles of the bag. Also, Spirit Airlines baggage policy requires you to check in the carry-on as a checked bag if it cant be safely stowed for your flight.

Do you check in 24 hours before a Spirit flight?

Spirit Airlines check-in online and offline begins 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. The check-in window closes online and offline one hour before the flight takes off from its current destination.

Does Spirit have self-check-in?
Spirit Airlines Self Check-In Service

One can opt for the self-service kiosks available at some domestic and international airports to check in for their Spirit flight 1 hour before the flight’s departure. However, you can also opt for online check-in that opens 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled take-off.

How to check if a Spirit flight is on time?

Click the Flight Status button and enter details such as flight date, departure, and arrival cities. After that, click the check status button, and all flights set to operate that day will appear. You must view the check-in policy to ensure you don’t miss your Spirit flight.

Does Spirit have a flight Tracker?

Spirit Airlines have flight trackers on all their operated flights. They know the exact location of their flight’s status. They are equipped with GPS trackers that help the airlines manage all the details in their headquarters in Florida.

How do I manage my flight with Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines manage booking lets you book a new reservation, change an existing ticket, and cancel your reservations. You can look for the option and enter your reservation details, such as the booking Id and last name. Lastly, provide other information and choose the respective option.

How much does it cost to change your flight on Spirit?

Spirit Airlines change/ cancellation fees

One can manage their Spirit Airlines flight and cancel or change it with the following charges:

Days from departure Change/ Cancellation fee
0 to 6 days from departure $99
Seven to 59 days from departure $49
60+ days from departure Free
How do I talk to someone at Spirit Airlines?

You can dial multiple International and Domestic Spirit Airlines Reservation Service numbers to talk to a representative –

  1. Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number: 1-855-SAVE-555
  2. Official WhatsApp Number: 855-728-3555
  3. SMS: Send A Text at 48763
  4. Operating hours: 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.
  5. Mexico Spirit Airlines assistance: 800030071.
  6. Spirit Airlines Vacation Service: 877-377-0791.
  7. Vacation Service Days: Monday – Friday
  8. Vacation Assistance Hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm EST (including holidays)
Is Spirit available 24 hours?

Spirit Airlines Reservations is available 24 hours on the phone for bookings, reservations, and ticket modification requests. For vacations and group travel queries, it is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am – 10:00 pm EST (including all business holidays). is an independent third party service provider, any third party trademarks, logo, brand names are used as reference for information purpose Only..