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Spirit Airlines Reservations: Book Your Next Adventure

Planning to explore the next destination on your bucket list and looking for a budget-friendly flight booking option? Thanks to the Spirit Airlines reservations that perfectly fit into every passenger’s budget.

Spirit Airlines, known for its less expensive fares and no-frills method, has become a famous desire for budget travelers. In this blog, we are going to explore the details of Spirit Airlines flight booking, explore the Airline’s unique capabilities, and uncover various methods to book a flight with them.

About Spirit Airlines

With its headquarters based in Miramar, Florida, United States, Spirit Airlines is a popular low-cost carrier. Introduced in 1983, Spirit Airlines serves its passengers in over 75 destinations, including the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. It has a fleet size of over 150 planes. Studies say Spirit Airlines is the seventh major passenger airline and low-cost carrier in North America.

Spirit Airlines started its journey with charter planes and later turned into a passenger one. Therefore, the airlines always ensure an exceptional flight booking experience for its passengers. If you want to know more about Spirit Airlines booking, this blog post will offer you relevant guidance.


Spirit Airlines Flight Booking: Various Methods To Book Flight With Spirit Airlines 

Spirit Airlines gives priority to the convenience of its passengers. Hence, it provides passengers with different options for booking the plane tickets. Therefore, passengers can check and book Spirit Airlines tickets both online and offline.


Spirit Airlines Online Booking Method

Booking a flight ticket is very simple with Spirit Airlines reservations online method. Airlines offer a user-friendly interface for passengers to book flights. Hence, if you are still wondering how to book the flight ticket online, use the below simple steps:

  • First, go to the Spirit Airlines official website or open the mobile application.
  • Next, feed the requested travel information
  • Further, select a flight that fits your requirements
  • Similarly, enter the passenger details
  • Select a mode of payment from the available option
  • Next, make the payment
  • Finally, receive the confirmation in the mail

Note-: Passengers can also add more services to their booking. In addition, passengers can follow the above process in the Spirit Airlines mobile application.

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • What’s App
  • Social Media

Spirit Airlines Offline Booking Method

Spirit Airlines understands that every passenger’s needs are different. That is why airlines offer an offline way to book flights. Passengers can simply call the airline’s contact number and get the booking done within minutes. In addition, there are three ways for Spirit Airlines reservations offline. To explore more about them, please go through the points below:

Spirit Airlines Booking via Phone: Passengers find it easier to book a flight ticket by calling the airline representative. If you want to book your flight tickets via phone number, follow the below points:

  • First, call the Spirit Airlines customer service at 844-989-7283
  • Listen to the IVR guidelines carefully
  • Accordingly, press the key to select a language
  • Similarly, press the key to choose your issue
  • Further, a Spirit Airlines representative will take your query.
  • The representative will provide guidance on flight booking
  • Provide the representative with the requested details
  • Finally, make the payment and get the confirmation.

Note-: Passengers can get solutions for other queries as well.

Booking through Ticket Counter:

Passengers can also book Spirit Airlines tickets by visiting the ticket counter at the airport. The airline’s representatives make every effort to help the passengers.

Booking Via Travel Agent

If passengers have a busy schedule, they can make the booking through a travel agent. In that case, travel agents take care of all the passengers’ flight booking needs.

Note-: Passengers should choose a reliable travel agent. For that, do some research, check the reviews of previous customers, etc. In addition, passengers can ask their family and friends who previously availed of the service.

How Spirit Airlines Manage Booking Feature Works?

If you are someone who is looking to manage the booking, then the manage booking option is the right thing to choose. This option allows the passenger to make any changes in the booking, cancel the flight, make seat selections, etc. Thus, To manage your booking with Spirit Airlines, follow these steps:

Steps to Manage My Booking With Spirit Airlines 

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines official website.
  •  Navigate to the “Manage Booking” segment.
  • Enter your last name and confirmation code.
  • View and regulate your reservation info, including seats or bags.
  • Make sure you double-check any changes made to your reservation.

What Are The Different Types of Loyalty Programs?

Loyalty applications are available in numerous sorts, which include:

Free Spirit Membership: 

Spirit Airlines’ loyalty Program, Free Spirit, provides a club that lets travelers earn and redeem points for numerous benefits. Becoming a free spirit member is free. And it provides you with the possibility to build up factors through flights and companion sports. As a Free Spirit member, you can experience benefits which include:

  • Earning Points: Accumulate points no longer just through Spirit Airlines flights but also through collaborating in diverse accomplice packages, along with car leases, inns, and credit card partnerships.
  • Redeeming Points: Redeem earned points for flights with Spirit Airlines, seat upgrades, and different journey-related rewards.
  • Member-Only Promotions: Access one-of-a-kind promotions, reductions, and unique give to be had simplest to Free Spirit participants.
  • Flexible Rewards: Enjoy the ability to apply your factors for extraordinary tour-related costs, enhancing your standard tour experience.

Free Spirit Earning Points: 

Earning points inside the Free Spirit program entails collecting factors based totally on the space traveled and the fare class of your price ticket. The more you fly, the more points you earn. Additionally, Free Spirit offers the possibility to earn factors via affiliated credit score card applications and partnerships with diverse Programs.

Key points on Earning Free Spirit Points: 

  • Flight-Based Points: Earn points primarily based on the space-flown and fare magnificence while journeying on Spirit Airlines flights.
  • Credit Card Partnerships: Use co-branded credit cards to earn extra points for regular purchases, contributing to quicker accumulation.
  • Partner Programs: Engage in partnerships with accommodations, condo car corporations, and different corporations to earn factors on various non-flight activities.

By knowing these aspects, Free Spirit members can optimize their point accumulation and make the most of this program’s benefits.

What are the Various Spirit Elite Status on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines, regarded for its value-effective approach to air journeys, gives the Free Spirit loyalty program, providing passengers with possibilities to upgrade their travel experience. Explore the various elite status stages, points redemption, and key rules to make the most of your adventure with Spirit.

Spirit Elite Status Levels: Spirit Airlines gives three Elite Program Status: 

  • Free Spirit: Basic membership, offering the muse for earning and redeeming factors.
  • Silver Elite: Achieved with 2 qualifying flight segments or 5,000 reputation qualifying factors. Benefits encompass precedence boarding, shortcut safety lanes, and a 50% points bonus on flights.
  • Gold Elite: Attained with 5 qualifying flight segments or 12,000 status qualifying factors. Additional perks consist of free identical-day standby, a one hundred points bonus, and entry to priority check-in.

How do Redeeming Points on Spirit Airlines work?

Redeeming Free Spirit factors is simple. When redeeming the points for Spirit Airlines, car rental hotels, and other flight bookings, the number of points will be required according to the type of flight ticket you have been looking to purchase. There are simple steps to redeem the points; these are as follows.

  • Log in to your Free Spirit account,
  • pick out “Redeem Points,”
  • and pick out alternatives like flights and seat upgrade factors like a vacation spot, time, and comfort.

Thus, after redeeming the points, you can easily use them to book your flight tickets easily.

Spirit Airlines Cabin Classes

Spirit Airlines provides different cabin classes to match the needs of different passengers. If you are looking to book services from Spirit Airlines, consider the following fare classes:

  • Economy Class: In this class, passengers get an option to buy refreshments on board. Apart from that, passengers get a seat with a 15-inch width and 28 inches of leg space.
  • Premium Economy Class: it is an upgrade of economy class where passengers get wider legroom seats up to 36 inches. Apart from that, all the services are the same.

Note: Spirit Airlines does not provide business class and first-class cabins. Hence, the Premium Economy class is its upgraded service.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

According to the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, passengers can cancel a flight ticket upto 24 hours after reservation, without fee. However, a fee is applicable if cancellation exceeds the time limit.

  • On the other hand, cancellation is not free of cost if there are less than 7 days before flight departure.
  • Passenger can cancel or change their flight within 24 hours without paying any charges
  • If the flight change or cancellation is done after 24 hours, then he or she has to pay the amount.
  • The cancellation and the change always depend upon the flight ticket type or the fare class.

Note-: To learn more about the Spirit cancellation policy, please visit the official website. Also, passengers can call the Spirit Airlines customer service.

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Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy 

Spirit Airlines charges a fee for carry-on and Checked baggage. That is the reason behind Spirit Airlines’ low fares. Therefore, passengers need to pay a fee depending on when they purchase the baggage. However, the checked-in baggage weight must not be over 45 kg.

  • Carry-On Baggage: Spirit permits one free personal object in line with a passenger, such as a handbag or small backpack. Carry-on baggage incurs an extra rate, and the scale has to exceed now, not 22 x 18 x 10 inches, such as handles and wheels.
  • Checked Baggage: Spirit’s checked baggage charges are primarily based on factors like route, time of booking, and club in their $nine Fare Club. The maximum weight is forty kilos, and the overall dimensions need to exceed sixty-two linear inches no longer. It’s advisable to pay for checked baggage online earlier than arriving at the airport to avoid better costs at the check-in counter.


Spirit Airlines Check-in policy

The Check-In Policy Spirit Airlines encourages online check-in to streamline the boarding technique. Registration is accessible 24 hours sooner than flight, permitting you to pick seats and save time at the air terminal. The airline permits check-in- in various ways, for example, online or airport check-in. Here are the features of both the Check-in Process

  • Online check-in: the online check-in is accessible on the authority site of Spirit Airlines the traveler needs to enter the necessary subtleties and complete the registration cycle.
  • Airport Check-in: The people who can’t check in online can use the disconnected technique.

To check in offline, the passenger needs to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior, provide the required details, and complete the process.


Spirit Airlines Seat Selection

Seat selection is the next step once passengers have booked the flight ticket. However, before choosing a seat, passengers must know about the Spirit Airlines seat selection policy.

If passengers do not select a seat, airlines allot them random seats. Therefore, passengers should select a seat in advance if they need a preferred seat.

Similarly, if a child is equal to and less than 13 years old accompanying an adult, airlines make them sit together.

Further, Spirit Airlines seat selection costs depend on the flight route and duration.

If passengers need a wider leg space, they can choose a seat from the first few rows.

Note-: For seat selection fees and to know more about seat selection policy, passengers must visit the official website.

Does Spirit Airlines Allow Unaccompanied Minors?

Yes. According to Spirit Airlines’s unaccompanied minor policy, children of a particular age can travel alone on nonstop domestic flights. Airlines do not allow unaccompanied minors in stopovers and international flights.

In addition, a fee is applicable to make a booking for unaccompanied minors. In lieu of that, airlines arrange snacks, drinks, and other arrangements for a comfortable journey.

Spirit Airlines’ booking for unaccompanied minors attracts the following situation.

  • Children below and equal to 4 years: For children below 4 years need to travel with unaccompanied minors of at least 15 years.
  • Children between 5 and 14 years: Children in this category are unaccompanied minors if not traveling with minors of at least 15 years. The flight must be a nonstop domestic flight.
  • Children above 15 years: Children above 15 years do not need an unaccompanied minor. However, they need to provide proof of I.D for their date of birth. Also, passengers may need to pay a fee if they request an unaccompanied minor service.

Note-: There are some additional guidelines for unaccompanied minor booking. For that, go through the Spirit Airlines official website.

Does Spirit Airlines allow pets on board?

Yes. Spirit Airlines is a pet-friendly airline; however, passengers need to follow its pet policy. According to the Spirit Airlines pet policy, passengers can bring the following pets on board:

  • Pet dogs
  • Pet cats
  • Pet birds, except a few
  • Household rabbits

Note-: Airlines do not allow any kind of birds and rabbits while flying to and from Puerto Rico and the U.S.V.IU.S.V.I. In addition, please check the official website to learn about the birds that are not allowed on board.

Spirit Airlines charges a fee to make the necessary arrangements for the pet. On the other hand, passengers need to go for Spirit Airlines reservations check-in process at the ticket counter. While traveling with pets, passengers can not use self-service check-in.

Airlines do not allow exotic pets, including snakes, spiders, etc. Further, passengers can carry only one container that can hold a maximum of two pets.

The maximum weight of a pet with a carrier must not exceed 18 kg.

Similarly, passengers may need to provide the vaccination certificate or any other documents to the authority.

Note-: Visit the official website or contact Spirit Airlines’ help desk to learn more about the pet policy.


In the end, Spirit Airlines reservations offer an accessible gateway to less costly travel. Whether you select the benefit of online booking or the customized contact of phone reservations, Spirit Airlines comprises diverse possibilities, making price-budget-friendly travel a reality for many. Safe travels!

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