Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy & Refund

Flight ticket cancellations can be costly, and the process has many hassles. If you are aware of Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, you can save a huge amount of your travel expenses. Everyone must know the cancellation process because plans can drop or change unexpectedly.  Depending on your travel route, days left for departure, and flight type, charges to cancel a flight or rebook the ticket might differ. You can contact customer service or read below to get answers quickly.

What is the Cancellation Policy for Spirit Airlines?

The updated Spirit Airlines cancellation policy 2022 & 2023 is based on how many days are left for your flight’s departure when you cancel your ticket. If more than 60 days are left for your flight to depart, you don’t need to pay any charges. When less than 60 days are left, you must pay a certain fee to change/ cancel your ticket with Spirit.  The cost of canceling flights will increase if there are fewer days left for flights to take off. Since tickets are nonrefundable, you will get Spirit Airlines cancellation policy credit to your full ticket amount. You can use the reservation credit to pay for taxes, fees, and in-flight purchases in the future.

Guidelines for the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

When it comes to canceling a flight on Spirit, every passenger needs to follow some rules composed by the airline. Below are the conditions that allow travelers to cancel a booking as per Spirit Airlines cancellation policy.

  • Flight cancellation processes up to 60 days prior to the flights’ departure are eligible for a full refund.
  • Besides, flight cancellation within 24 hours of booking for the flight departing after a week to get a refund.
  • Moreover, the airline will charge a cancellation fee as per the rules.
  • Similarly, if the airline cancels your flight due to bad weather, no flight cancellation fee is charged.
  • Also, passengers need to pay the charges if they cancel their flight within 24- hour of booking.
  • Canceling your Spirit flights 7-59 days before departure will cost you $49 USD in cancellation fees.
  • In addition, if the airline cancels your flight on the day of departure, then the airline will provide accommodation for free to the passengers.
  • Additionally, passengers who booked a non-refundable flight ticket need to pay the cancellation fee after the risk-free window under the Spirit cancellation policy.
  • On the other hand, passengers with Standard tickets have to pay the whole amount of the booking as cancellation charges when they cancel their ticket after the departure.

What is Spirit’s 24-Hour Cancellation Policy?

  • If a passenger cancels their flight on the same day of booking, the airline will not ask to pay the extra fees. Besides, this policy is applicable when the flight departs after seven days of flight reservation.
  • Moreover, passengers with non-refundable flight tickets also claim a refund under the policy.
  • In accordance with the Spirit Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers are permitted to cancel a flight within 24 hours of purchase and acquire a complete refund.
  • Also, the 24-hour policy permits the passengers to acquire a refund with any deduction and hidden charges.
  • Consequently, passengers need to book a refundable flight ticket as they will get a full refund when they cancel it.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy Due to Weather

Spirit Airlines cancellation policy due to hurricane/ weather changes allows you to receive a full refund as per the original form of payment. However, the airline will also offer you reservation credit, and passengers can choose between one of them. You will not be charged any cancellation fee. The airline will provide you with another flight with the same itinerary or refund you the entire booking amount.

Spirit Flight Cancellation Policy Due to Death Explained

Some circumstances are beyond their control, such as the sudden death of the passenger or their relatives. For this, under the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, the airline will not be asked to pay the cancellation fee. Besides, passengers need to submit documents such as a death certificate to receive a full refund. Similarly, passengers can submit the certificate by filling out the refund request form on the official website of Spirit.

How to Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight?

One can use the cancellation policy Spirit Airlines through the My trips option in the official website or calling reservations.

Method 1: Visit the Official Website

  • Firstly, checkout the website: Spirit.com
  • Next, check the My Trips menu available on top left section.
  • Further, login/ signup to your Spirit Account.
  • Or, fill the Find My Trip form using last name and confirmation code.
  • Press continue and review your ticket details.
  • After that, review your ticket details.
  • Also, click the cancel this booking button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete cancellation. 

At check-out page, it will show refund break up amount. You can check if you were charged cancelation fee or not. After 24 hours, you will receive reservation credit for future travel.

Method 2: Use Spirit Airlines Customer Service

  • Initially, dial 1 (855) 728-3555 to talk to someone from Spirit.
  • The IVR will started providing automated response.
  • Press # to repeat instructions for more clarity.
  • Dial the necessary key to get the cancel flight service.
  • Further, press the needed key to get a hold of someone.
  • Once the call connects, inform the agent that you want to cancel flight.
  • Also, provide booking ID and reference number.

The executive will let you know the Spirit Airlines cancel policy fee and service charge. Pay the required amount and receive refund as credits for future use. 

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fees

As per the Spirit cancellation policy, the airline charges a fee when passengers cancel their flight tickets beyond the risk-free period. Besides, the airline is divided the cancellation fee into three sections, as mentioned below:

  1. Standard Ticket
  2. Flight Flex Ticket
  3. Award Ticket

Spirit Cancellation Fee for the Standard Ticket

  • The airline will not charge any cancellation if the ticket is canceled within the day of the flight reservation.
  • Besides, if the request for flight cancellation is made through the official website, the airline will charge 90 USD as the Spirit cancellation fee.
  • Likewise, Spirit Airlines offers the refund as a travel point for future use. Moreover, all the points can be used only for Spirit Airlines booking.
  • Also, the airline will charge 100 USD as a fee if requested on the offline portals.

Spirit Cancellation Fee for the Standard Ticket

  • Passengers with Flight Flex tickets are required to pay a cancellation fee after the specified period.
  • When passengers cancel through the official website, 90 USD is charged as a Spirit flight cancellation fee.
  • However, if canceling the tickets through offline portals, passengers must pay 100 USD as a cancellation fee.

The sole difference between flight flex and Standard ticket is that passengers can cancel Flight Flex tickets for free. However, the cancellation is the same for both categories of tickets.

Spirit Cancellation Fee for Award Ticket

  • Passengers who are holding award tickets are to pay the cancellation fee when they perform the flight cancellation within 24 hours of booking.
  • After the risk-free window, passengers need to pay 110 USD as the Spirit Airlines cancellation fee.
  • After cancellation, the ticket amount will be provided to the travel card for the next flight reservation on Spirit.

How Much Does Spirit Airlines Charge for Cancellation?

Spirit charge to cancel a flight is between $0 – $99 per head in a reservation. The cost to cancel flight depends upon days left for flights departure. Except in 24-hour cancellation policy, all other cancel flight orders get refunds in the form of reservation credits. Follow this table to know your Spirit cancelation fee:

Days Left For Take-Off Cancel Flight Fee
60+ days Left Free
7-59 days Left $49
0-6 days Left $99

Dial Spirit Airlines customer service number 24 hours at 1 (855) 728-3555 to learn more about applicable cancelation fees and hidden charges.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Spirit Airlines has an easy and straightforward refund policy in which the airline provides a refund to the passenger in some specified circumstances. Besides, passengers will be eligible to get a refund:

  • If a passenger cancels a reservation within 24 hours or less from booking for a flight that is seven or more days away, they are eligible for a full Spirit refund.
  • Similarly, the flight Cancellation with Spirit made at least 60 days prior to the departure qualifies for a full refund under Spirit refund policy.
  • Also, the flight was canceled by the airline.
  • If the flight is delayed for more than three hours, the airline will refund the passengers. Likewise, passengers will also be facilitated with accommodations by the airline.
  • When the flight is delayed or canceled, and the new available flight does not suit the travel plans of the passengers.
  • On the other hand, if the passenger cancels their flight due to sudden death, jury duty, serious illness, etc. However, passengers need to submit the documents in this case.

Steps to Get A Refund:

  • First, open the official website of the airline and log into your Spirit account.
  • Then, click on the “My Trip” section, and choose the option “Request A Refund” option.
  • After that, enter all the required information in the provided space, such as the booking number, the reason for claiming a refund, and other details.
  • Now, hit the “Submit” option once you mentioned all the details.
  • At last, Spirit Airlines will review your refund request and process the refund accordingly.

How to Use Spirit Flight Credits?

Want to redeem Spirit flight credits? Well, passengers can use the travel credits for seats, bags, fares, taxes, and fees. Moreover, it will help you to reduce expenses while planning a trip with Spirit. Below are the steps that help to use the value for your travel credit.

Steps to redeem Spirit Travel Voucher:

  • Firstly, you must have the reservation credit number. It will be a six-digit code.
  • Secondly, open the Spirit Airlines official site.
  • Then, enter all the details and proceed further with the booking. Ensure that you have re-checked all the given details.
  • Now, move to the payment page once you enter all the details.
  • Then, click on “Redeem A Credit Or Voucher” on the next page.
  • Here, you can see a space to input the 6-digit booking confirmation code.
  • Enter the code and hit the “Go” option.
  • Next, enter the amount you want to pay for your flight reservation. Moreover, you can use the complete or partial amount of credit to pay for your booking.
  • Afterward, click on the option “Apply for Credit.”
  • Besides, if you have utilized the partial payment, then you have to pay the remaining value by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, you will get a confirmation email from Spirit Airlines.
  • Redeem the left amount for your upcoming booking.

Canceled Flight Compensation at Spirit Airlines

If the Spirit flight departs from a European Union airport and is delayed or canceled, then it will be classified under EC 261 law under Spirit Airlines compensation policy. Here are the details about EC261 coverage:

  • When the airline notifies the passengers of the flight cancellation less than 14 days prior to the departure.
  • Also, flights are delayed for three or more hours.

Below are some pointers EC 261 does not cover for.

  • The flight departs from any non-EU Airport.
  • Flights are disrupted due to extraordinary situations which are not in control. The situations may be bad weather, airport strikes, security threats, political unrest, any medical emergency, etc.

Therefore, the Spirit canceled flight compensation is only subject to flight delays. Besides, if the airline offers another flight option for free to the passengers that will go to the passengers’ preferred destination at the same time, then the passenger will not receive any Spirit compensation.

Rules for Spirit Airlines Canceled Flight Compensation

  • Spirit Airlines flights under 1500 km, the value of the compensation value will be 250 Euro per passenger.
  • Besides, the compensation value will be 400 Euros when the domestic flight within the European Union distance exceeds 1500 km.
  • In the case of international flights between 1500 to 3 500 km, then the final value of the compensation amount will be 400 Euro for each passenger.
  • Similarly, the Spirit flight compensation will be limited, as usual, to 600 Euro for each passenger for international Union flights for distances exceeding 2500 km.

Bottom Line!

Hopefully, the above data will help you cancel your flight tickets and claim a refund. If not, you can directly call the Spirit customer service number 24/7 and get assistance instantly. Additionally, you can solve your queries regarding Spirit Airlines cancellation policy if you have one.

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