How much does cost to change your flight on Spirit?

Travel plans can be as unpredictable as the weather, and sometimes you just need to adjust on the fly. If you’re flying with Spirit Airlines, we’ll break down their confusing change policy, including those pesky spirit airlines flight change fee, methods, and a few savvy tips to possibly bypass extra costs. Grab a coffee, and let’s dive right into the world of Spirit Airlines flight change rules!

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Fee (Per Person, Per Segment):

When it comes to changing your flight with Spirit Airlines, the cost can vary. The Spirit Airlines flight change fee typically depends on fare type and depending on how close to the departure date you make the change. It’s wise to plan ahead, as fees can climb as the travel date approaches.

Let’s break down the fees so you know what you’re dealing with:

Time Before Departure Change Fee
More than 60 days Free
7 to 59 days $39
0 to 6 days $59
Same Day (at airport) $99

Remember, these fees can vary slightly based on specific circumstances, but this table should give you a good ballpark.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy Overview:

  • Passengers can change or cancel a flight free of charge if done within 24 hours of booking, provided the departure is at least 7 days away.
  • If the new flight is more expensive, the passenger must pay the fare difference.
  • $9 Fare Club Members might benefit from reduced change fees and access to lower fares.
  • If the new flight is cheaper, Spirit does not refund the difference.
  • If you do not change or cancel your flight before the scheduled departure and do not show up, you forfeit the entire fare.
  • If Spirit significantly delays or cancels your flight, they typically offer the option to change flights without a fee.
  • In cases of extreme circumstances like severe weather or family emergencies, Spirit may waive change fees.
  • Each change incurs a fee unless covered by one of the exceptions mentioned above.

This policy provides a range of options for passengers who need flexibility in their travel plans, though it’s always best to plan ahead to minimize potential fees.

Alternate ways to change your Spirit Airlines flight

While paying those pesky change fees is the standard route, there are a few clever ways to sidestep them:

Change Through Online:

  • Log into your Spirit Airlines reservation
  • Head to the ‘Manage Travel’ section and modify your flight details
  • Pay the applicable change fee and any fare difference

Change Through Offline:

  • Call Spirit Airlines at 801-401-2222 (say “representative” to connect to an agent)
  • Explain your requested changes to the agent
  • They’ll walk you through fees and update your itinerary

Change at Airport Last Minute:

  • If your plans change unexpectedly, you can visit the Spirit ticket counter
  • Be prepared to pay the change fee plus any fare increase
  • The perk? Agents can sometimes find better alternate routings

Can You Change Your Spirit Flight Without Paying?

Yes, in some cases:

  • Book and Change within 24 Hours: As long as it’s at least a week before your flight.
  • Significant Delays or Cancellations: If Spirit changes your flight time significantly or cancels your flight, they’ll usually waive the change fees.
  • Extreme Circumstances: Sometimes, fees might be waived during extraordinary situations like severe weather or family emergencies.

Can I Change the Date on My Spirit Ticket?

Absolutely! Just remember that if you’re outside the 24-hour window from booking, you might have to pay a change fee plus any difference in fare.

Is It Cheaper to Cancel or Change My Spirit Flight?

In most cases, it’s cheaper to change your Spirit Airlines flight rather than outright canceling and rebooking. The cancellation fee can be a brutal $99 per person, whereas a simple date change may be $90 or less.

Who Should Read This?

This guide is perfect for anyone flying with Spirit Airlines who might need a little flexibility with their travel plans. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or on a family vacation, knowing these tips can save you both money and stress.

There you have it! With a bit of knowledge about the Spirit Airlines flight change policy and fees, you can master the art of changing your flight like a pro. Safe travels, and don’t forget to double-check those departure times!

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