Spirit Airlines Infant Policy- Fly with Your Baby

Traveling with an infant may require you to keep the necessary terms and conditions in mind. Only a comfortable child can make your journey stress-free. Therefore, you must have questions like whether you can carry your baby in your lap or not. So, Spirit Airlines Infant policy can help you to get the answer.

The policy helps you understand all possible situations allowed while you are traveling with your infant. Besides this, you will understand who is an infant, as per Spirit Airlines. So, if you are flying with your cute infant then, Spirit Airlines ensures the safety for both of you.

Therefore, let us understand the infant policies in detail.

What is the Spirit Airlines Infant Policy?

Before learning about the infant policy at Spirit Airlines, it is important to understand the meaning of infant? The airline consider a child an infant if its age is between 7 days and 2 years. According to the following policies applicable for you.

  • Spirit Airlines allows you to carry an infant into the lap. You do not need a ticket for it.
  • However, you can still purchase a seat if you want for your child.
  • For children above 2 years, you need to buy a ticket. However, if your child gets more than 2 years between your outbound and inbound journey, then you need to purchase a seat for the inbound journey.
  • Similarly, there must be at least one adult of 15+ with the infant.
  • Spirit Airlines allows only one infant per passenger.
  • Further, the airline does not allow on board a child below 7 days or who needs medical assistance.
  • Similarly, the airline does not allow lap children or children with car strollers in the emergency exit rows, in the front rows or, behind the emergency exit rows, and seat installed with inflatable seatbelt.
  • Spirit Airlines may charge taxes and fees for the infants, which differ with the destination.
  • Therefore, you can add your lap child while completing your reservation online and through other mediums.
  • You can check with one stroller and car seat for each child. The airline does not charge a fee for that.

What Documents Does an Infant Need to Fly in Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines agents can ask you to show the required documents for your infant as and when required. So, be ready for that. You may need to provide the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate: It is mandatory for you to carry your child birth certificate. Further, it helps the authority to assess your child age.
  • Medical Certificate: You may need to produce a medical certificate. It shows the agent that your child is completely healthy to get on the flight.
  • Passport: Spirit Airlines requires you to carry your baby’s passport irrespective of its age.

How to Add An Infant on Spirit Airlines?

Still confused about how you can add your infant on Spirit Airlines? You can do it through the website or calling its customer service.

First: Through Website 

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines website
  • Click on the flight option
  • Choose your trip type
  • Further, add the number of adults and children
  • Next, you need to select the date of birth for all the passengers.
  • Similarly, choose your other travel details, like origin, destination, date of travel etc.
  • Further, click on “Search flights.”
  • Choose the flight option and
  • Complete the booking process

Through Phone Number

You can also contact the Spirit Airlines customer service 1 (855) 728-3555 to add an infant to your booking. For that, just follow the IVR commands to connect with the representative. Further, share your concern and share the infant details and complete the booking by making the payment.

What is An Inflatable Seatbelt Equipped Seat?

Inflatable seat belts come with dual layering that makes them thicker than standard seatbelts. Therefore, the table below will explain it better.

Flight Seat Row
A319 1,4,51, 4, 5 (D,E,F)
A320 (32A, 32N) 1,3,12,13
A321 (32B) 1,3
A321 (32Q) 1,30D

How Big Can an Infant Diaper Bag Be on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines allows diaper bags for your infant for free. However, you need to meet the size requirements of the airline. So, your bag size should be like that so it can fit in the storage on the flight.

You need to check the terms and conditions for

  • Personal item
  • Carry-on baggage size limit

For example Spirit Airlines size limit for personal items is equal to 45 x 35 x 20 cm which covers the entire bag.

What Amenities Spirit Airlines Provides to The Infants?

Being on a journey with your baby is a real hectic. Therefore, Spirit Airlines provides wonderful amenities for a comfortable flight experience.

  • Bassinet: Spirit Airlines provides bassinet facility to its passengers. However, you can avail this facility only when your baby is below 6 months and weigh under 9 kgs. So, you can ask the flight attendant to locate the bassinet as its position can change depending on cabin you purchased.
  • Sleeper Seat: Under this, you can purchase three seats in similar rows and convert them in the form of a bed. Further, you and your child can use it as a bed.
  • Inflatable Seat Extenders: Spirit Airlines allows you to bring an inflatable seat. However, check in early to ensure the necessary arrangement for your child.

What if the Car Seat Is Large For A Regular Seat on Spirit?

Spirit Airlines gives you the option to buy Big Front Seats. However, you can purchase these premium seats only by paying an extra cost. The width of the seat depends on your aircraft type. Therefore, the table below will explain it better.

Aircraft Type Big Front Seats Width
Airbus 319 Widest seat: 22inches

Narrowest seat: 22 inches

Airbus 320 and 32A Widest Seat: 22.8 inches

Narrowest Seat: 22.8 inches

Airbus 321 and 32B Widest Seat: 22 inches

Narrowest Seat: 22 inches

Airbus A321 NEO (32Q) Widest seat : 20.9 inches

Narrowest seat: 20.9 inches

Note: Please keep in mind that your child restraint system must not exceed 25 inches in width. Otherwise, Spirit Airlines may not fit car seats safely.

Can You Bring A Car Seat for Free on Spirit Airlines?

Yes. You can bring a car seat per infant for free. However, Spirit Airlines requires you to carry an FAA-approved.

  • Child restraint system
  • Child harness device

Until you purchase a separate seat for your infant.

Note: Read the detailed guidelines for car seat size requirements on the Spirit Airlines website.

Can You Bring A Stroller On A Spirit ?

Spirit Airlines allows you to check in with one stroller per child. And you do not need to pay for the same. Similarly, if you are on the journey with two children, the airline happily welcomes you with two strollers. Complete the check in at the gate.

Does Spirit Provides Baggage Allowance for An Infant?

Spirit Airlines does not allow a baggage allowance for an infant. However, you can carry a diaper bag free of cost. Also, it will not affect your limit to carry one personal item and carry on bag in the flight.

Does a Baby Need a Ticket on Spirit Airlines?

Yes. You must buy a ticket for your baby when it is above 2 in age. However, a baby under 2 years of age and above 7 days old can board the flight for free.


So, if you are flying with your infant, be cautious with all the requirements mentioned above. Take clear understanding of Spirit Airlines infant policy before adding your child to the booking. The above information will help you book a place for your infant without any issue. However, if you still have any doubt then you can straightaway contact the customer service executive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the diaper changing facilities like on Spirit Airlines flights?

Spirit Airlines provides a specially designated place on the flight where you can easily change your baby diaper.

How can I request a bassinet for an international flight on Spirit?

You can request it by calling the Spirit Airlines representative in advance. However, it can be on the first come first serve basis.

Are there any restrictions on flying with a new born on Spirit Airlines?

Yes. Spirit Airlines does not allow an infant below 7 days on the flight. Therefore, only plan a journey with an infant above 7 days.

What should I do if my infant is sick before the flight?

Must check with your paediatrician if your infant is sick before the flight departure. Take approval that the baby can board the flight.

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