Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Does Spirit Airlines Allow Pet Onboard?

Want to travel with your pet on Spirit Airlines? If so, you need to first familiarize yourself with Spirit Airlines pet policy. Moreover, the Spirit pet policy permits passengers to bring domestic dogs, small household birds, domestic cats, and small domestic rabbits on the plane.

In addition to this, the airline made some terms & conditions for those who need to travel with their pets. Further, go through the informational data mentioned below.

What is Spirit Airlines Pet Policy?

Here you will be able to know the terms & conditions of the Spirit pet policy. Just read all the given points carefully.

  • Spirit Airlines will not ask to show a health certificate for pets traveling in the cabin, except for guests traveling to USVI.
  • Moreover, you need to show the rabies vaccination certificate for your pet traveling in the cabin to Puerto Rico.
  • Besides, the airline only allows small domestic cats, dogs, small household birds, and domestic rabbits on the plane.
  • Similarly, Spirit Airlines pet policy permits two pets for each airline as long as there is room and one pet per paying passenger.
  • In addition, passengers cannot carry birds to and from cities in Puerto Rico or the USVI.
  • Likewise, exotic pets such as rodents, snakes, and spiders are also not allowed to travel with Spirit.
  • On the other hand, only two pets per container are permitted, but only one container each passenger is accepted.
  • Also, pets should be able to stand and can move comfortably in the container.
  • Passengers need to keep their pets in the container during the travel.
  • Moreover, the age of the pet must be eight weeks old and weaned manners.
  • Besides, if the pet makes noise on the flight suiting traveling, then it will be removed immediately.
  • So, the pet cannot be ill, in physical distress, or violent.
  • Passengers with pets can sit anywhere, with the exception of the emergency row and first row.
  • The total weight of the carrier and pet should be 40 pounds (18.14 kg).

Spirit Airlines Pet Carrier Policy

Below are the guidelines that only need to consider when the passenger wants their pet to travel in the cargo compartment. Besides, it applies only to the animals in case of international travel and more.

Pets In Cargo: Pet reservation is not allowed for cargo in any situation under Spirit Airlines pet policy international.

International Travel: Pets do not accept outside travel, such as the US, except in the event of emotional service animals.

Moreover, passengers need to submit some important documents required by the airline based on the international route. Kindly contact Spirit Airlines customer service department. The airline agent will help you and check all the rules for you.

Security Checkpoint: Before boarding, you have to present your animal for screening at the security checkpoint. To be well-known for any rules of the same, one can read the Spirit Airlines check-in policy.

Requirements For Spirit Airlines Pet Carrier

If you are going to travel with your pet, you must learn some requirements of Spirit Airlines. Below are some of them. Look at all.

Spirit Airline Pet Dimensions

In accordance with the Spirit Airlines pet policy, the animal needs to be kept in a container after and before the flight. Additionally, the dimensions of the pet kennel should not be more than 18*14*9 so that it can fit under the seat. The pet will be considered as one piece of carry-on luggage.

So, the animal should be kept in a container during the flight. Besides, the kennel permits the head of the pet outside, but it is not allowed in the cabin.

Spirit Airlines Pet Carrier Size

At Spirit Airlines, the dimensions of the pet kennel should not be more than 18*14*9 inches. Also, it must fit under the seat. Additionally, the entire weight of the carrier, including the pet, must be 18 kg or 40 pounds.

Spirit Airlines Emotional Support Animal Policy

Under the Spirit Airlines pet policy, passengers can travel with psychiatric animals when they show the required document and approval certificate. Similarly, passengers need to submit updated medical documents for their pet. Further, the below-mentioned documents also submit:

  • Mental health declaration form
  • Verified medical health form
  • Passenger’s acknowledgment form

Moreover, you can download the above-given form at the ESA page of Spirit Airlines. However, you need to submit these forms at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

Also, it will then be verified by the airline’s coordinators to ensure that the documents given by you are in order.

In addition, if you are not able to submit the form at a specific time, you are free to cancel your reservation using the Spirit Airlines cancellation feature under the rules of the pet policy Spirit Airlines. Further, you can book another flight when you can submit the form.

How Do I Add A Pet To My Spirit Flight?

If you are willing to book your flights with your pet, then your pet should be properly vaccinated and also accompanied by an eligible passenger. Besides, move ahead to find the methods to add pets to your flight reservation.

Pet Reservation Online

All kennel-covered pets should be domesticated and can travel with passengers.

  • First, visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Then, you need to download a form named service animal air transportation.
  • After that, enter the required information in the given space.
  • Additionally, if you are traveling with a service animal or pet, you have to fill out the two forms also.
  • Now, you need to pay the application fee using your preferred payment option.
  • Further, simply submit the form at https://customersupport.spirit.com/en-US/create-case/?srva=true.
  • Next, the airline notifies the passenger of their approval through a confirmation email.
  • At last, you need to download the confirmation email as you must carry it throughout your journey.

Pet Reservation Over The Call

Alternatively, travelers can also connect the airline to make a pet reservation as per Spirit Airlines pet policy. Then, you will connect to an airline agent and complete your reservation with them. 

However, the agent will ask you to submit some medical and health declarations over the call and also need to pay a fee.

Spirit Airlines Pet Fees

When it comes to Spirit Airlines pet fees, you can pay them at the airport, online, or by connecting to the customer service desk. However, the airline does not accept the payment via cheque or cash.

Also, Spirit Airlines accepts small pets (small household birds, domestic dogs, and cats ONLY) for travel in the cabin for a service fee.

Besides, the airline does not allow you to pay the pet fee through other operating airlines on your travel.

In this case, you need to connect with each airline and then pay accordingly. Below is the table that gives you an idea of the pet fee as per Spirit Airlines pet policy.

Service Region Fee
Checked pet for US military The US and Canada, Central, Mexico, and South America and Europe, the Caribbean, United Kingdom $200 per kennel, $150 to/from Brazil
Cargo pet Not allowed Not applicable
Carry on pet The US and Canada, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean $175 per kennel
Service Animals All destinations $300 per kennel

Bottom Line!

Hopefully, the above information will be helpful to you and clarify all your doubts or concerns regarding Spirit Airlines pet policy. For additional information, you can connect with the customer service team of Spirit 24/7.

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