Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal – Get Location of Terminal and Gate at MCO

You can receive the best flight help at Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal A and Terminal B-1, located on the north side of the North Terminal Complex.

Advanced Guide to Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal

Are you planning a trip to Orlando and flying with Spirit Airlines? If so, you’ll want to prepare for your airport arrival. Spirit Airlines offers one of the best services to passengers. You must know many things before taking your Spirit Terminal MCO flight. The route to your flight terminal gate can be confusing. This Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal advance guide can help you navigate the terminal. Besides, you can avoid mistakes and be on time for your flight departure.

Know about Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is one of the major ultra-low-cost airlines in the United States. Spirit offers flights to 83 destinations across the following:

  • Central America
  • The Caribbean
  • South America
  • The United States.

Passengers can travel to any destination at a low cost. It helps customers save money and earn points for future travel. Also, the airline always finds the best solution for customer queries.

Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport in Downtown Orlando is the 7th busiest airport in the United States. You can relate this city to a popular tourist attraction, Disneyland. The major airport of Florida serves around 50,178,499 passengers/year. Orlando International Airport is also known as MCO. The airport operates a large number of flights with almost 80 airlines. The airport has only three terminals:

  • Terminal A
  • Terminal B
  • Terminal C

Some other airlines share the same terminal for flight departures and arrivals. The airport provides good facilities to all the passengers waiting for flights.

Where is Orlando Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal?

Passengers often ask –what terminal at Orlando Airport is Spirit Airlines. Spirit flies in and out from Terminal A of Orlando International Airport. All domestic and international flights depart and arrive from/in MCO Terminal

1. You can check in or seek other flight-related concerns at the counter of the same terminal. You can check your flight updates anytime at https://www.orlando-airport.com/mco-airlines/spirit

If you need clarification about your next step after you arrive at the airport, seek help from the airport staff to get the right directions.

Also, it’s important to cross-check your flight terminal with the MCO airport’s website. The terminal may change due to some reason. Refrain from completely relying on the airline’s instructions in your flight bookings. Always check for your flight status and reach the airport well in advance.

How do I get to Terminal A at MCO?

To get to Terminal A at MCO, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Head towards the airport’s main entrance.
  2. Once you reach the entrance, look for signs directing you toward Terminal A.
  3. Follow the signs until you reach the terminal’s entrance.
  4. Once you enter Terminal A, check the airport map or ask an airport employee for the location of your gate.
  5. Proceed to your gate and wait for your flight.

What services does MCO Spirit Terminal provide?

As you reach the airport, you must locate the route map of the airlines. It will help you to reach out to the Spirit Airlines terminal in Orlando. The airport has a main counter with many airport staff to assist you. As you reach MCO Terminal A, contact Spirit representatives for any guidance. Following are the services and help you will get:

  • Airport Lounge Facilities
  • Airport Transfers
  • Airport Wifi
  • Baggage Allowance
  • Business Class Enquiries
  • Change/rebook flight bookings.
  • Check-in
  • Delayed or Cancelled Flights
  • Duty-Free Allowance
  • Flight Wifi
  • Flight/Visa Info
  • Loyalty Program Membership
  • Immigration Services
  • In-Flight Entertainment
  • In-Flight Meals
  • Miles Economy Class
  • Missing Luggage
  • Privilege Club
  • Refunds and Compensation
  • Ticket Booking and Cancellation
  • Valet Parking
  • Visa on Arrival
  • Visa Services
  • And many more

You can even contact Spirit Airlines customer service number at Spirit Airlines Terminal A.

Can I book Spirit flights at Orlando International Airport?

Yes! All airlines, including Spirit, offer flight booking facilities at the airport. MCO has Spirit flight tickets for sale at Terminal A, second floor counter.

Also, you can get updates about Spirit Airlines’ terminal using the Orlando Airport website.

Visit the ticketing counter, and tell your flight preferences to the airline staff. Further, select a flight from the availability list. Also, it would be best if you chose a fare type from below:

  • Basic fare class
  • These standard fares are cost-saving with limited facilities.
  • Spirit Savers Club fares
  • Spirit Savers club members can book flights and extra facilities at a discount)
  • Spirit frequent flyers
  • Frequent flyers of Spirit Airlines can avail of good benefits

Select a seat or skip the assignment process to get a random one. You can complete Spirit airlines booking by paying the total amount, which will include the service charges of the airline staff.

How early should I arrive at the Orlando Terminal of Spirit Airlines?

It’s important to ensure you arrive at the airport plenty of time before your flight. Spirit Airlines suggests arriving at the airport:

  • 2 hours before domestic flights
  • Three hours before international flights.

It will help you to know all the details of your flight and settle down hassle-free.
Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest airports. So, getting help from airline staff becomes difficult as the flight departure gets closer. Also, you can cross-check all the details of your flight bookings and seek timely help.

Step-by-step guide to board Spirit flight at Orlando Terminal

Getting through the Security Checkpoint

Once you arrive at Orlando Terminal 1, you must find the Spirit Airlines check-in counter. The counter is on the second floor of the terminal. You can go directly to the security checkpoint if you have already checked in online. To prevent delays, expect at least 10 minutes at the security checkpoints at MCO.

Reach the boarding gate.

After you pass through security, you’ll find yourself in the main terminal area. Spirit Airlines gates are at two separate terminal areas, gates 1-29 and 70-99. Check your boarding pass to see which gate you need to go to.
Make sure to cross-check Spirit Airlines Orlando terminal departures on the MCO official site.

Have a snack

If you have a good amount of time before your flight departure, plenty of restaurants and shops are in the terminal. You can eat at one of the restaurants or look at various useful items. You can even pick up some last-minute beverages on the flight after boarding snacking.

Board your flight

Be at your flight departure gate at least 30 minutes before departure. Spirit Airlines has a strict boarding process. So ensure you are in your assigned boarding group and have your boarding pass and ID ready.

What gate does Spirit fly out of Orlando?

After you reach Terminal 1, it’s time to look for the gate number that operates Spirit flights. Have a look at the table below:

Spirit Airlines A-1 1-29 & 70-99

Now, look at your boarding pass and check the gate number of your flight. If you still need clarification, feel free to get help from the supporting staff.

Lost & Found Counter at Orlando International Airport Spirit

It’s not uncommon to lose luggage at the airport. You can inquire about your lost belongings at the Lost & Found counter at Orlando Airport. The counter is near the baggage claim area of the terminal. The baggage department is open 24 hours and seven days a week at MCO. You must contact the airlines via phone or email if you are no longer in the area.

It’s important to act quickly and report your lost item before it’s too late. Instant reporting of lost baggage has a good chance of getting the lost article back. The Lost & Found Counter staff are very helpful and will do their best to assist you.

However, any item lost outside the premises if the airport is not the responsibility of the airline or airport department. So, remember to double-check your belongings before leaving any area to avoid losing anything in the first place.

How to seek help for travelers with special needs at MCO?

MCO has various accessible features and amenities throughout the airport, including wheelchairs, accessible ramps & elevators, accessible restrooms, and designated parking spots. To seek help for travelers with special needs at MCO, a few options are available.

#1 Contact the airport’s customer service team

The dedicated team can provide information and help related to accessibility services.

#2 Contact Spirit Airlines

The airline executives can check the availability of specific accommodations and services for special needs passengers.

It’s important to contact the airport and airlines well in advance to meet the requirements. You can give special instructions during flight bookings for special needs passengers. It allows for a hassle-free travel experience.


The Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal can be overwhelming, but this advanced guide will prepare you for arrival. Make sure you arrive with plenty of time, find the check-in counter, know which gate you must go to, and be ready to board when it’s time. Have a safe and enjoyable flight!


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