Does Spirit Airlines have a lost and found?

Suppose you just came home after having a fun trip with your kids and partner. You were so tired that you lost sight of your luggage and missed one at the airport. It’s a matter of stress for you because the luggage holds your really important belongings.

Such mishappenings are casual after a tiring trip. And for this scenario, you can either visit the airport again. But it may include traveling time, and what if the airport is far away?

You need not worry, as the dedicated department of Spirit Airlines Lost and Found will take care of your bags.

Here we will learn how to get your luggage back from the airlines, as it’s more difficult than it appears to be. You will thank this blog after receiving your belongings back using the finest method available here.

What is Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Policy?

The airline has a Spirit lost baggage policy to return a missing item to its original owner. This carrier policy instructs passengers on what to do when luggage or an item goes missing.

The method takes into account many circumstances specific to the situation. The procedure was carefully drafted to cover most elements, including the location of the lost luggage, retrieving it, and accounting for reimbursement.

Spirit can use various methods to locate your belongings, including a form, report, phone number, and on-airport support.

Does Spirit Airlines have a Lost and Found?

Yes! Spirit Airlines has a lost and found department that keeps all the unaccompanied luggage to itself. When they receive a complaint about lost items, Spirit Airlines checks the availability of the bags in the list and returns them to the right owner. But, some conditions need to be accomplished before handing over the luggage to the owner.

What if I lost My Item on Spirit Airlines?

If you have a complaint regarding Spirit Airlines lost item, you should immediately contact the Spirit airlines customer service team at 1-855-SAVE-555 (855-728-3555) or +1-860-374-7569 to ensure that they have found the item.

Also, you must share a report within four hours of landing for domestic flights. Reports for your Spirit Airlines reservations for international routes must be submitted within 21 days after arrival.

The lost and found representative will then let you know whether your item is collected and is in safe hands or if they missed it.

How do I Report Lost Items on a Spirit Airlines Plane?

It’s necessary to provide all the required details, like where the luggage was lost, what was the item’s colour, was a fragile item or hardware your item lost while checking, etc., to find your lost luggage.

Also, it would be best if you shared your concern to get your luggage back either on the call, by filing a report, or by submitting the Spirit Airlines lost baggage claim form. Let’s have a look at both of the processes briefly:

Online Claim for Lost Baggage

  • Visit the ‘Help Centre’ page of Spirit Airlines by entering the official site and scrolling towards the extreme bottom of the page.
  • Now, you will get all concern categories, and the first you may see is ‘Bags.’ Click on it.
  • Further, notice sub-divisions of the ‘Bags’ tab as “Baggage charges,” Baggage Claims,” etc.
  • Now, click ‘Lost & Found articles’ and follow the prompts.
  • You will get navigated to another page where you can select “report an item left onboard” and fill out the form with the required details.
  • Also, you must provide your contact details and itinerary details before submitting.

File a Report

If your item is lost post-checking at the airport, or something is missing from your checked baggage, you must report your luggage immediately using the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Select ‘My checked baggage did not arrive” or “Something is missing from the checked bag.”
  • Follow the prompts and provide your reservation details.
  • Further, click on ‘Retrieve my information.’
  • Besides, follow the requirements, and your report will be submitted within seconds.

At the Airport

The airlines will give your concern equal attention if you repost lost luggage at the airport. Have a look at the points below:

  • Visit the help desk counter of the airport.
  • Locate the terminal of the airport that deals with Spirit flights.
  • Further, look for an airline executive to inform them about the incident.
  • You will get a paper form, where you will be required to fill out the details of your luggage.
  • Besides, an official ticket will be raised regarding your lost baggage, which will be dealt with by the Lost and Found department of Spirit.

Did you already Report Your Lost Item? What’s the Next Step?

After you have reported the issue, visit and click ‘Update my report.’ Then, you must fill in your Last name and lost report ID and submit the details. Now, you can check the updates and take action accordingly.

Besides, you can always look for Spirit Airlines lost baggage contact number and get in touch with real-time assistance. Also, if you want the airline to ship your luggage to your place, visit>Contact Us> Bags> Lost & Found Articles (then follow the prompts)> Ship my item> Fill in the details and submit. Within a few days, you will either get your article or receive compensation depending upon the total worth of that luggage.

What do You Need to Know to file Spirit Lost and Found Claims?

It would be best if you prepare yourself with important information to make your lost and found claim with Spirit Airlines.

Those things are your itinerary details, your baggage details, any picture of the lost bag, and last but not least, the location of the lost luggage.

Knowing where you lost your baggage makes it easier for the staff to find your article easily. The three places are very common to lose luggage:

  • At the Spirit Airport lounge
  • Airport premises
  • Or at the security check-in

If you are at the airport, consider looking for the luggage and inform the airline only when you are still looking. We understand it takes a lot of work to look at all the places associated with the airport. Therefore, it’s best to look for areas that you visited.

How do I Contact Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Number?

  1. Dial Spirit Airlines lost and found department phone number 1-855-SAVE-555 (855-728-3555) or 1-860-374-7569.
  2. Further, follow the IVR prompts.
  3. Now,  you’ll connect to a live person on call.
  4. You must provide all the details required to raise your complaint.
  5. After making a claim, you will get a confirmation mail.
  6. You can check the terms and conditions of lost and found baggage in your mail inbox.

Spirit Airlines Lost Baggage Compensation

If Spirit Air is unable to locate your lost or missing luggage, you have the right to request reimbursement as a customer. Similar compensation is available when the airlines find the luggage is damaged. You can anticipate receiving a payment of about €1.414, or $1.61, in addition to the costs expended.

Spirit Airlines lost baggage reimbursement might cover expenses like the price of a taxi and clothing. The owner decides and displays the compensation for the damaged goods/luggage you get. You can bring the broken items to a repair shop.

You can get a bill or other document attesting to the repair costs and give it to the Florida-based airline. The purchase receipt must be provided when the damaged item costs at least $50/€44.01 and cannot be repaired to be compensated.

Will Spirit Airlines Compensate Me for Delayed Baggage?

Absolutely! But for that, you must file a claim for reimbursement under Spirit Airlines lost and found policy for delayed baggage, just as you would for lost luggage. Keep the following in mind:

  1. Please keep your original receipts safe, as it’s a must to provide.
  2. The most you can get compensation for
  3. ~ Domestic flights are USD 3,500 to last USD 3,800.
  4. ~ For international flights, it’s USD 1,731
  5. It is also the most you can get reimbursement for lost baggage. Expect only to get reimbursed for the essentials you bought (without going overboard), so don’t expect to get the whole amount.
  6. You can only receive compensation for delayed baggage if you’ve completed an Incident Report within the allotted time frames (for domestic flights, this is within 4 hours of arrival, and for international flights, this is within 21 days).

Tips for Traveling with Spirit without the Risk of Losing Luggage

  • First and foremost, attach strong name tags to the luggage. Also, include other details like, your house address, contact number, etc., so that it becomes easy to find.
  • Buy and attach a tracking device to your suitcase. If you pair a GPS or Bluetooth tracking gadget with your smartphone, you can find your bags anytime and anywhere.
  • Get yourself a unique colour, as your luggage may often get exchanged with someone else’s lookalike suitcase—a unique colour and texture help to identify the baggage from a clear distance.
  • Avoid too many articles— the most important point to remember. Many of you love to take many things with you while traveling. But you must understand that you may get into the trouble of lost baggage as handling the belongings is difficult.
  • Go with one traveler and one briefcase rule. Even when traveling with kids capable enough to handle their commodities, let them carry one bag with all their belongings. Also, do the same along with other travel companions.


Hopefully, the above blog has all the information you may relate to. If you still have any queries related to Spirit Airlines Lost And Found, don’t hesitate to contact Spirit Airlines by visiting the official site and getting the best number. However, many times when you are unable to get in touch with a live person, don’t let anything hold you back from calling us anytime at +1-860-374-7569. Remember, we are just one call away and always ready to serve you the best in all circumstances.

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